The Fisher Firm  offers Attorney Paymaster and Escrow for financial transactions, domestic and internationsl, invovling the need for an independent neutral third party. In some instances, these services may be referred to as "Paymaster" services, while in others, such as real estate, they may be referred to as "Escrow" services. Our firm is experienced in the handling of such services as shown below. 

Providing paymaster lawyer services means that The Fisher Firm is an arms length neutral third party who facilitates the payment of large sums of money representing fees and commissions. Our Lawyer Paymaster Services are commonly utilized for transactions such as trade platforms, commoditiy trading, and currency trading. Using The Fisher Firm’s Lawyer Paymaster Services can be one of the most effective means for intermediaries to insure they receive the fees, compensation or commissions which have been contractually agreed upon between the parties. Using our Lawyer Paymaster Service to enforce payment of commissions is the safest way to protect compensation in lieu of having a fee agreement between the parties alone.



The Fisher Firm provides paymaster services to a wide range of domestic and international transactions. When dealing with large trade transactions, including large commissions, the parties need the added level of protection that a lawyer paymaster service can provide. Unlike other types of escrow services, Lawyer Paymaster services are operated by licensed lawyers who are subject, in some countries, to additional regulatory requirements and professional discipline. By using a lawyer as the paymaster, the parties can be assured that their funds will be received and disbursed by a trustworthy, neutral third-party.



The Fisher Firm provides Lawyer Paymaster services to our individual and corporate clients involved in many different kinds of transactions including:

  • Private Placement Programs
  • Currencies Transactions
  • Trading in Medium Term Notes (MTN)
  • Bank Guarantee (BG) Transactions
  • Real Estate Transaction
  • Oil & Gas Trading/Leasing
  • Precious Metals Trading - Platinum, Diamonds, Gold, etc
  • Commodities Trading - Sugar, Coffee, Livestock, etc.
  • Fuel Trading - Jet Fuel, Heating Oil, Coal, etc.

In addition to these, The Fisher Firm provides Lawyer Paymaster services to assist our clients with receiving or disbursing funds and commissions from other types of commodities or instruments as well.



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